About Gamenify

Gamnify.com was created so players can play Flash (.swf) games all their full potential. Traditional Flash game websites only allow their users to play games at their original intended size. As time has passed average computer screen resolutions have grown substantially. In the year 2000 the average screen resolution was around 800x600 pixels. Then in 2005 the average was 1024x768 pixels. Now days screen resolutions can vary dramatically from computer to computer or web device. With wide screen monitors and new handheld devices there is not a standard resolution any more. What does this mean? Flash games being in a set dimension is obsolete. Why play a game that only takes up 1/8 of the screen when you could play the same game at near full screen?


At Gamenify.com Flash games are automatically sized to be as big as possible. The site was launched in May 2011. Why hasn’t this growing problem with small flash games been addressed before this? Why play Flash games anywhere else? Play at Gamenify.com!